Ein muder Stern : Leah Estelle aka Belle (leah_estelle) wrote in sex_anime,
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I need pictures of Kenshin quickly, with:

1.) A picture of Kenshin with his hair down (and out of his pony-tail)- but not a child! This one must be either in his hitokiri days or rurouni.
2.) A picture of the young hitokiri Kenshin - perferably in the Ishin uniform and high ponytail...
3.) Oro! Kenshin
4.) Chibi Kenshin and/or Sano
5.) 2 very good pics of Saitou - 1 with long hair, 1 short hair
6.) Same as above, but Aoshi
7.) Any pictures showing Megumi, Kaoru, and Misao in their "animal" forms, lol, kitsune, tanuki...you know what I mean!

Any links to pictures will help! Thanks!
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